Argentina and France meet in final

12/15/2022 3:27:30 PM

After the French team eliminated super dark horse Morocco 2-0 in the Qatar World Cup semi-final, the "Gallic Rooster" and "Tango Legion" met in the final as expected.

On December 18th, Beijing time, Argentina will stage a peak duel with France to launch the final impact on the Hercules Cup, while Messi and Mbappe, the Paris Saint-Germain teammates, will also stage a battle for the "old and new football champions". Argentina and Messi fulfill their long-cherished wish, or France and Mbappe achieve the defending title, which team will embroider the third champion star on the chest, and the Lusail Stadium will witness history.

The final match between Argentina and France will be the 11th time that the World Cup has ushered in a dialogue between European teams and South American teams. Before that, South American teams won the championship seven times, including Brazil five times and Argentina two times; European teams won the championship three times, respectively. For Germany in 1990, France in 1998 and Germany in 2014. The "Gallic Rooster", which is basically impeccable on both offensive and defensive ends, will hit the 60-year record-only two teams successfully defended the title in the previous 21 World Cups, namely Italy in 1938 and Brazil in 1962. The French team aims to break the 60-year record There is no magic spell for the team to defend the title.

In the FIFA world rankings, France ranks fourth and Argentina ranks third. The total worth of the two teams is as high as 1.67 billion euros. France has the upper hand with 1.03 billion euros, and Argentina's total worth is 640 million euros. The two teams have faced each other 12 times in history, and Argentina has 6 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses. In the 1/8 finals of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the French team narrowly won 4-3 and kept the Pampas Eagles out of the top 8. Mbappe, who was only 19 years old at the time, created a dream with two goals Showing that he became a god in a battle, and eliminated his opponent almost by himself.

Four years later, the two old enemies of Argentina and France reunited, and the Pampas Eagles ushered in a chance for revenge. The king's duel between Messi and Mbappe will also be another head-to-head confrontation between the two stars. 7-time Ballon d'Or winner, 4-time Champions League champion and 10 La Liga champions, countless golden boots and assist titles, Messi's perfect career is needless to repeat, he is only one distance away from the world champion Maradona world Cup. If he can complete the last step of being crowned king, Messi's historical status will be destined to surpass Pele and Maradona and become the real GOAT (the best in history).

And if Mbappe can lead the French team to defend the title in the final, he will complete the feat of two World Cup titles at the age of 23. The achievements of the national team will completely leave behind the two superstars Messi and Ronaldo, and become a well-deserved world superstar. star.

Mbappe has already become the absolute core in Paris Saint-Germain. Although the club lacks the glory of the Champions League, the future is still limitless for the 23-year-old. The final between Argentina and France will also be a battle for the World Cup Golden Boot. In the current scorer list, Messi and Mbappe lead with 5 goals, followed by French center Giroud and Argentine star Alvarez with 4 goals. All four have a chance to hit the Golden Boot.

Although Messi and Mbappe have the same number of goals, the former has 3 assists, and the number of assists is one more than Mbappe, leading the Golden Boot competition. On the night of the final on December 18, will Messi stage the glory of the king and add a gold robe to his fifth World Cup trip, or will the two major stars, old and new, complete the historical "handover"? let us wait and see!