World Cup Betting: Portugal vs Uruguay

11/28/2022 5:20:56 PM

World Cup Portugal vs Uruguay

      Venue: Lusail Stadium


      In the first round of Group H of the World Cup, Portugal led by Ronaldo narrowly defeated the African powerhouse Ghana 3:2. In the game, Ronaldo opened the scoring for the team with a penalty kick, becoming the first player in history to score in five consecutive World Cups. Then Felix and Leo scored in succession to help the Five Shields get a good start. After this battle, Portugal scored 3 points and ranked first in Group H, and now the team only needs a victory to advance. The next game against Uruguay is still a tough battle for Portugal. The Five Shields were eliminated in the 1/8 finals by Uruguay in the 2018 World Cup. Can they get revenge this time?

      For Uruguay:

      In the Qatar World Cup Group H match, South American powerhouse Uruguay faced the Asian team South Korea in their first match. Godin and Valverde each hit the post once in the second half, and the two sides finally shook hands at 0:0. Uruguay's football talents have been lacking in recent years. In this World Cup squad, Cavani, Godin, Muslera, Suarez and Cáceres are all "four dynasties veterans" who have played in the World Cup for the fourth time. Whether the new and Mesozoic players of Niez, Valverde and Bentancur can stand up to the challenge depends on their performance in this World Cup. This campaign faces the Portuguese team, which will be the key battle for the team to qualify for the group.

      Historical record: In the past 1 games, Portugal has 0 wins, 0 draws and 1 losses.