World Cup Betting:Mexico vs Poland

11/22/2022 3:38:09 PM

World Cup Mexico vs Poland

      As the traditional hegemon in Central and North America, this World Cup is also the 17th time Mexico has entered the finals of the World Cup in history. There is no doubt about its experience in the competition, but when it comes to the World Cup, Mexico has never been able to show too strong competitiveness. Since 1994 So far this year, the team has stopped in the quarter-finals of the 7th World Cup in a row. Mexico's promotion in this World Cup preliminaries is not as smooth as before, losing to the United States and Canada in the first round, which still makes the team break into a cold sweat. Last year's North American National League and Gold Cup were double-killed by the US team. Coach Martino's coaching ability has been questioned by the domestic media and fans in Mexico, but on the whole, the aging lineup and personnel gap are the main reasons for Mexico's decline in strength. The reason, judging from the roster of this World Cup, except for Lozano, Jimenez, and Guardado who played in the top European leagues, most of the other players are from domestic leagues. Guardado, 36, , The 34-year-old Moreno and the 37-year-old Ochoa are still indispensable figures for the team. The striker Corona was seriously injured and lost, and the center Jimenez just came out of the injury. Against Poland, it was not easy for Mexico to knock on the opponent's gate.


      The Polish team qualified for the play-offs in last year's World Cup qualifiers, but coach Paul Sosa then went to coach in Brazil. , From the point of view of the lineup, the center Lewandowski, who is currently playing for Barcelona, ​​is undoubtedly the leader of the team. He also has Milik and Zelinski beside him to provide support for the offensive end. Compared with the central and frontcourt, Poland has The reputation of the defense line is much weaker. Bednarek and Bereshinski have average qualifications. The young Zalewski still needs time to grow. In this World Cup qualifier, Poland also conceded the second goal in all groups. The second-most team, the house leaked and it rained overnight. Goalkeeper Drongovski was injured in the club competition at the beginning of the month and was not selected for the squad. This time, the Polish team has an obvious top-heavy problem. As Argentina thriving in this group, the Saudi team is weak, so Poland and Mexico are also direct competitors for qualifying places. In the key battle, both teams are expected to be more cautious.