Mexico vs Poland | World Cup Betting

11/22/2022 3:04:14 PM

Mexico vs Poland

Judging from the qualifying situation of the European Cup Group C, Argentina should have the greatest hope. The other seat is the competition between Mexico and Poland, and Saudi Arabia is not unexpectedly at the bottom of the group.

In the first round of the group stage, Mexico and Poland had a direct dialogue, and the winner was basically able to lock in a qualifying spot. Therefore, although this game may not attract much attention, its importance is self-evident.

"Our first game against Poland was probably the decisive one," Mexico coach Martino admitted. "Poland has a lot of good players, they wait for an opportunity and then burst out and we have to find a way to suppress them on the pitch. "

The biggest problem with Mexico's 26-man roster for this competition is that the core players are too old. Goalkeeper Ochoa is 37 years old, midfielders Guardado and Herrera are 36 and 32 years old respectively, and the main center Jimenez At the age of 31, he has been affected by injuries in Wolves during this period, and his form is not good.

When the young Lozano will be responsible for the attacking line, the importance of the Ajax duo Jorge Sanchez and Alvarez in the middle and back is very prominent, and they will determine the quality of Mexico's defense.

Entering September, Mexico's warm-up matches were relatively average, losing 0-1 against Paraguay, 1-0 victory over Peru, and 2-3 loss to Colombia. In mid-November, Mexico defeated Iraq 4-0 and lost 1-2 to Sweden in the latest warm-up match. This game can be seen as a preview against Poland. Both Lozano and Jimenez came off the bench in the second half and the first half. In the case of a goalless draw, Mexico finally lost 1-2.

Poland's last World Cup was a disappointment, losing streak to Senegal and Colombia ahead of schedule, and the team also broke out rumors of infighting.

The Polish lineup has not changed much in this cup. The forward is still led by Lewandowski. Milik and Piatek are also in good shape recently. Midfielders Krehowiak and Zielinski are also experienced players, and Mikhnevic integrated the team well after Paul Sousa's sudden change before the qualifying play-offs. Led the team to a 2-0 win over Sweden to qualify for the World Cup.

The Polish team's performance in the UEFA Nations League is average. Facing the Netherlands and Belgium, they have 1 draw and 3 losses. This is a natural gap in strength, but their two-game winning streak against Wales also shows that their performance against teams of the same level is becoming more and more stable.

"As for the Mexico team, we have thoroughly analyzed them, they have a lot of experienced and good players." Mikhnevic is very confident about his team.

The experienced goalkeeper Szczesny also expressed his determination to get out of the shadow of the failure of the last World Cup. "Several players participated in the World Cup in Russia. I believe we all have the motivation and ambition to erase the shadow of the last World Cup."

Poland won 1-0 with Piatek's lore at the last moment of the warm-up match against Chile. Lewandowski did not play in this game, and the Polish team may not want to take too many risks.

Mexico is a frequent visitor to the World Cup. Basically, they can at least qualify for the group stage in every competition. On the contrary, Poland's image on the World Cup stage is undoubtedly much lower.

However, from the data point of view in this game, Mexico, ranked 13th in the world, is only tied with Poland, ranked 26th in the world.

We are optimistic that Poland is unbeaten in this game, and Jingcai chooses to give up. The reference score is 0-0, 0-1.