Denmark vs Tunisia Betting

11/22/2022 3:01:32 PM

Denmark vs Tunisia

Denmark has 3 wins and 2 losses in the past 5 games, scoring 7 goals and conceding 4 goals. With Eriksen returning from heart surgery, the team's midfield strength has also recovered. Although the striker's scoring ability is not outstanding, Denmark's goal points are widely distributed.

Coach Youleman admitted that the team is not a favorite, but also has the strength to beat any team. Backup goalkeeper Ronoff is out with an injury, while Wolfsburg striker Wende also has a muscle problem.

Tunisia has 4 wins and 1 losses in the past 5 games, scoring 9 goals and conceding 5 goals. The team defeated Iran 2-0 in the last warm-up match before the game. This team is based on Ligue 1 players and focuses on defensive counterattacks. The goal of this tournament is to strive for group qualification and rewrite history.

The captain and attacker Msakni missed the last World Cup due to injury. Although there are some minor injuries, he should be able to play. Schili, the midfielder who played for the Cologne team in the Bundesliga, suffered a cheekbone injury and will play with a mask in this game.

The two teams have played against each other twice in the history, and Denmark has won all of them, but the last time they played against each other dates back to 20 years ago.

Denmark has 2 wins and 2 draws against African teams in World Cup history and remains unbeaten, while Tunisia has never defeated European teams in the World Cup, with 3 draws and 7 losses.

Interestingly, Tunisia has not conceded a goal in only one of their 15 previous World Cup matches.

In terms of team style, Denmark has no shortage of skills and strength, while Tunisia has good skills, but overall experience is not rich.